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Meet The Team


Meet Gabrijel and Bruno - Live traders in our Croatia office location and they tell us about their experience working with us during the World Cup!

What’s your Tipico story?

Hi, I'm Gabrijel Milošević and my Tipico story started in February, 2022. I’m a Live Trader which means that I trade live events, overwatch matches and their markets also managing risks with my team for every match that we offer.

Hello, my name is Bruno Savi, I am a Live trader at Tipico and my journey started in February, 2020. So my education and the start was quite difficult and different as it was at the beginning of COVID19.

We had to adapt and overcome challenges since there were almost no sports events happening, but in my personal experience, I can say that these times made me stronger and taught me that there is no obstacle hard enough, that we cannot overcome together as team.

Working as a Live Trader for me means challenging myself everyday, learning something new, and every start of a match means something new and unexpected.




My typical day at work starts with reviewing and preparing all of my tasks that I have for that day. I go through my emails from supervisors and colleagues and after that, I open my schedule to see which matches I have for that day that I will offer live. When my matches start I have the responsibility to monitor everything that is happening and react to every risky situation.


My daily routine almost always starts with coffee and catching up with my colleagues after which I go through my daily schedule and tasks. One of the most crucial things in our job is preparation, so checking your daily trading procedure, checking your matches throughout the day and if there is something unusual about them (risk issues, correct match start time or any news). When the match kicks off, my job is to monitor them and have quick reaction, this includes betting issues (such as suspicious betting, software or connection issues) and match issues like interruptions or simply wrong match information...


Tell us about working with us during the World Cup...


My preparation for the World cup started with looking at every national team that is participating this year. A big part of my preparation is aimed at the Croatian national team, their squad and their club form because only the best will be playing at the WC in Qatar. An event like the World cup demands a lot of attention and prearrangement for each game, dedicating time separately because these games are one of the most important matches of the year.


Since this is my first World Cup here at Tipico, I am have been following my team members in their preparation and I am trying to collect all the needed information that will make trading smoother.

This World Cup will be played in late autumn/winter for the first time ever so the schedule around it is a bit complicated and we are all trying to adjust.  I am happy that I can share the excitement for this work and that my passion for football is also part of my job.


What do you enjoy most and what are the challenges during this period?


I enjoy everything about the WC because I am a true football fan and the World cup is played every 4 years which makes it even more interesting and exciting plus the anticipation of it all!

My biggest challenge is going to be trading games since it is my first World cup, being part of the Tipico team.


The period during World Cup is probably one of the most important in our country when it comes to sports and every national team match is like a holiday here in Croatia. That feeling, that excitement, is something that cannot be explained, when the referee blows his kick-off whistle, the time stops, and for the next 90 minutes, everything else seems less important.

The biggest challenge during this World Cup is going to be trading these matches, because, no matter how prepared you are, at the World Cup, you have to expect the unexpected.


 Anything else you would like to add?


This World cup is special because it will not be played in June and July as usual but in November and December. World cup 2022 will be the last WC which will include 32 teams because the plan is to extend to 48 teams in 2026.


There are big expectations for the Croatian national team (my home team) which came second in the match against France four years ago. This is also probably the last competition for our biggest Croatian soccer player Luka Modrić so everyone here wants him to retire in style, with World Cup trophy in his hands.