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Meet The Team


Written by Valentino

Team Lead CRM Account

Meet Valentino - Team Lead CRM Account in our Malta office location. He tells us about his experience working with us during the World Cup!


What’s your Tipico story?

I started at Tipico 2018 as a Fraud and Payment Agent, where I was responsible for Pay-outs / pay-ins and Fraud related checks.
After just 11 Months I found my way into the CRM department as a Key Account Manager where I was responsible for some of Tipico’s best customers. In 2019 I became the Team Lead of the CRM Account team which was previously the VIP and Key Account Team.



My typical day has at least 4 or 5 Meetings as most of my time is spent aligning with my colleagues. We are planning strategies, campaigns and events for our customers. Organizing the team and how we will work by delegating tasks.


Tell us about working with us during the World Cup...

We're preparing new tasks, to keep our high valuable customers active with us during this time. We prepare strategies for different scenarios, so we can react as soon as it's needed. That way we can provide an outstanding service to our high valuable customers.

My typical tasks will change during the World cup that we are able to react quicker, decision-making has to be very fast during that time. Like this, we will be the first provider who is reacting and can provide the best experience for our customers.


What do you enjoy most and what are the challenges during this period?

Obviously I enjoy that we as the CRM department work very close together, everyone has the same target. With our passion for football, every one of us is interested in this tournament and we stay together, we fall together as one team. 

This is as well the challenge for all of us - this is the first world cup with the new regulation and as well the first world cup during the Christmas time. We can't really predict how it will go, every company, regardless of the industry, will create a lot of advertising during the Christmas season so this will be a challenge for us.