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Meet The Team

My Relocation Experience with Tipico

Written by Markus

CRM Campaign Manager at Tipico

Want to know more about relocating to Malta? We had a chat with Markus from our Marketing Retention team where he told us about his relocation experience with us.

What’s your Tipico story?

It now marks almost two years since I bounced onto the Tipico headquarters in sunny Malta as an employee for the first time, joining the retention marketing department as CRM Campaign Manager. Since then, I am responsible for addressing customers with the right communication at the right stage of their customer journey to engage players with conversion, retention and reactivation campaigns.


What did Tipico offer to make your relocation as smooth as possible?

I relocated from Germany and Tipico made my move to Malta a lot easier. Besides the fact that my colleagues and the HR department were always offering support and guidance and answered any questions I might have had, Tipico's relocation package ensured a smooth start from an organizational and financial point of view. Tipico covered not only my flight to Malta but also other relocation costs like the transfer from the airport, moving costs and provided accommodation for the first month until I found a permanent home to stay in.


Did you face any challenges?

Not really. I could organize my relocation in advance and by having the accommodation set up for the first weeks I had enough time to kick-start my new life in Malta without stress.


How was it once you arrived in Malta?

Arriving in a country which was so unknown to me and was of course unfamiliar at first. However, before my arrival I was in touch with one of my colleagues, who already showed me around on my first day which helped getting rid of the initial excitement and settling down in Malta. In the following days, I explored the island on my own and got an impression of the area such as supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants before I finally entered the Tipico Tower the first time and started my journey at Tipico.


What is it like living in Malta?

With around 300 sunny days a year, numerous beaches, crystal clear water as well as various summer events, life on this small island is very special. Yes, Malta is small, but that means all places are within easy reach and if you really need a break from the island, you can find cheap flights across Europe or simply take the ferry to another nearby island, Sicily. In general, life in Malta is very pleasant. There are scooters, food delivery or cab services which makes everyday life easy.


How was your onboarding experience?

On my first day, I was picked up by my manager, who first introduced me to my team before the onboarding process started. During my first weeks, one of my team members gradually introduced me to relevant tasks and processes until I was finally able to work on projects independently. There was also an induction day for new starters to learn more about the company structure and culture of Tipico as well as a chance to network with other new members of our #oneteam.


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