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Meet The Team

Meet Luis!

Written by Luis

Bookmaking IT Support Administrator

Hey Luis, nice to meet you for a short chat about Uniqueness! Could you introduce yourself?

Yes, with pleasure! I started working at Tipico in December 2020, when I first moved to Medellin. I am originally from Venezuela, but I also have Colombian roots as my mother (and her entire family) is from Colombia. I was living in Quito, Ecuador for two and a half years and one day, I decided to move on and try something new in my other country, Colombia.


Colombia, a country that has a huge passion for soccer…

Definitely! Here in Colombia, the most popular sport is soccer, but I must admit I’m not the biggest fan. However, in Venezuela we love baseball so I’m a big fan of the team called “Leones del Caracas”. I really miss going to the stadium every year!


What's your Tipico story?

When I arrived in Colombia, my cousin (who works with Tipico in Germany) told me about a job opportunity in the company. I applied and a few days later, I had my interview with the Sportsbook Manager and got the job as a Live Trader for our German Operations. I worked as a Trader for around 10 months, and a new opportunity came along in the IT department. Of course, I couldn’t resist! I’m very passionate about anything tech-related as I am a telecom engineer by vocation. So now I form part of the IT Team, and I couldn’t be happier! The company is great, and my job is something I love.

In a nutshell, my job is to support our team members in the office. To mention a few of my daily tasks, I set up and take care of installations on employee’s computers, administration systems, creating and/or deleting accounts, and anything else related to IT. 


What does Uniqueness mean to you?

For a guy like me, who was born in a place but pushed to move on, diversity is everything. I think this planet is too large, and everyone should have the opportunity to move around without any trouble or fears. As human beings, we need to learn; every person has their purpose and is important, regardless of their religious beliefs, race, sexuality, and age. Nothing is more important than a person just being a person. One of the most beautiful things at Tipico is its diversity. I really love that there are many nationalities, cultures, sexual orientations, and so on. At the end of the day, all of us are the same – we are #oneteam.

I love the team members in this office because I don’t feel like I am a Venezuelan guy with Colombian nationality. Here I am who I am.


How do you work together as a multi-cultural team?

In my case, here in this office, there are people from different places and every day I learn something new: new words, foods, anything really! I also work closely with IT guys from our Croatian office and that’s so crazy. We are so different – we speak different languages, we’re in different time zones – but we always find ways to work together. The guys are incredible, we support each other so much (they especially support me because I am new to the position), and this is an incredible work environment. I’m grateful for Tipico and my team.


Anything else you would like to add?

I just want to say thank you once again to Tipico and all the amazing people in this company. I feel very very lucky every day for being here.