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Meet The Team

Meet Anita - Financial Accountant

Written by Anita

Financial Accountant

What’s your Tipico story?

I am Anita Ajtovski, currently working as financial accountant in the office in Karlsruhe since early 2020.

What does your daily pitch as a Financial Accountant look like?

The role as a financial accountant is interesting and offers a lot of challenges every day. It is mostly compiling and analysing account data to create capital, liability, and asset account entries, making sure the documents are correctly recorded in our books, communicating with colleagues from all different departments to help them in financial analysis and accounting tasks and making sure everything is correct for the month end reporting.


Why did you decide to join our #oneteam?

Tipico has a lot to offer to new employees – and that was apparent from the very first day I had my interview. The working atmosphere is very positive, there are always new projects going on with great leaders in charge, so I saw that as a great opportunity for me to learn and develop my skills further.


What was your first impression of Tipico?

I remember I was very nervous at the time – it was a completely new experience for me. I had an interview with a recruiter in Malta, then video calls and so on. What amazed me at most was how welcoming and friendly everyone was. I already felt like I was a part of a team, and I knew I have the full support of everyone.


What was the best moment of your recruitment experience?

It is hard to choose one thing – I like the working environment, the team spirit, the way new challenges are solved. It really is a sum of numerous positive experiences which make a working day easier.


What was surprising, once you started working here?

I was amazed of the way the team worked as one – there were a lot of colleagues bringing different types of knowledge and views for every working situation, and all of them pointing to the solution from different aspects. I find it extraordinary how everyone makes their own contribution towards the overall goal and how the team spirit encourages everyone to bring their best.


As you know, we believe in progress. How would you describe yours since you’ve been working here?

It is interesting how much changes in such short time. I have been in the company for only year and a half, and I feel like so many things have changed in between. I had the opportunity to be a part of some important projects, working together with many of my colleagues, while at the same time being part of the development of the company. And all that while working from home and fighting with the new ways of doing business, which showed me once again that the company and the team are strong enough to deal with every challenge.


What is your one piece of advice for anyone interested in being part of our game?

For everyone looking for the new step in their career and a job which offers flexibility and self-development opportunities – Tipico is the right place for you. Joining Tipico means joining an international team of specialists in different areas of expertise, working with them, and learning from them.