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What is special about working in our infrastructure team?

Our infrastructure team is responsible for managing the entire tech stack, including Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Configuration Management, and Database Software. We have good relationships with development teams and architects because we are involved in many projects, and we work as a team, so we have this feeling that if we need help or advice, we can ask anyone.

What is a typical day like?

A typical day involves checking emails and monitoring tools to ensure everything is working fine. We are in contact with various team members to provide advice and help design new solutions, solve open problems, and resolve daily tickets like creating new database users, identifying the root cause of performance issues, designing new tables, and querying data for reporting purposes. We attend meetings like Daily and CAB (Change Advisory), where we can get approvals for new implementations. We focus on more significant projects and automation of recurring tasks to save time and effort during the next execution.

What exciting projects are you working on at the moment?

We are working on AWS Aurora Migration for microservice databases, automating more tasks, implementing Cleanup jobs to reduce the amount of data in transactional databases, performance optimizations, and better table designs for microservices. We are also assisting several projects required to maintain in compliance with our license requirements.

What are you looking for in your next team member?

We are looking for someone with experience in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBS), especially in MariaDB/MySQL, who can self-learn new technologies. Scripting languages like bash, python, or perl and experience with configuration management tools are a plus. Experiences in cloud providers, especially in AWS, and knowledge in the administration and on-call tasks of Linux servers would be beneficial. We need someone who takes initiative and comes up with new technical ideas and wants to drives them further. Having a mindset of continuous learning is crucial to stay up to date and adapt to changes. IT projects are usually about collaborating with different teams and stakeholders. Therefore we are looking for someone who values sharing knowledge, supporting others and actively contributing to the success of the team.

What tech stack do you use?

We use Relational Database Management Systems like MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and AWS managed solution RDS Aurora, CICD Jenkins, IaC Terraform, Configuration Management Software Puppet and Ansible, scripting languages to create automated tasks like Bash, Python, Perl, internal service tools built by HTML and PHP, and AWS services like EC2, S3, IAM, Lambda, R53, RDS, CloudWatch, OpenSearch, and monitoring tools like Icinga2, Grafana, and Prometheus.

What challenges do you face?

We face the challenge of convincing development teams to assist us in migrating to newer technologies, adapting to new technologies and projects, integrating ourselves into new application designs to prevent people from misusing the database, and ensuring best practices for the table structures. We also require broad knowledge because we have many different technologies in use, and we have to be cautious about each task/change on production because a small error could cause a downtime for the whole business.

What is expected from you as a Database Tech Lead?

I am responsible for designing efficient and scalable database architectures and I am the contact person in the team when it comes to any issues or new projects that we are involved in. We are always looking to improve and see how we can innovate so I get the other development teams onboard to help us transition to newer technologies. I oversee database-related projects and ensure their successful planning, execution, and delivery. My duties also include defining project requirements, estimating timelines, allocating resources, Roadmap planning, technical guidance and cross-tribe project planning.

Why should they join us?

Joining us means deciding which technologies we want to use and gaining experience using them, facing difficulties every day and growing with them, like this you’re acquiring knowledge and strengthening your knowledge by using a lot of different technologies.


We have the following position open in this team at the moment: Database Specialist (AWS) (m/f/x)