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Why you should join our Gaming Team

Written by Tipico

We Maximise Spannung

What is special about working in our Gaming Team? 

It is exciting to be part of a team that has the ambition and the possibility to become the leading brand for iGaming in the German market. As part of the Gaming team, you’ll be responsible for marketing our brand but also be actively involved in the delivery of a fantastic player experience. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and our aim is to offer them the best experience possible.

What is a typical day like?

No day is like the other, which is great. We find ourselves in ever changing tasks, so don’t expect to be comfortable. Challenges no matter which size can, of course, arise unexpectedly but you are never alone with this, as your team and other teams will support you, we are #oneteam. Working for Tipico is very rewarding, combining the different tasks & projects getting people from the entire company in exchange and offers the opportunity to get to know each other and celebrate success together. 

What is the team setup like? 

We are an exciting mix of people, coming from all kinds of parts of the world, with completely different mind sets. All of us have a variety of responsibilities as they must be able to engage with & beyond our team and be knowledgeable about the iGaming space they are presenting. As iGaming finally got regulated in the German market, opportunities for growth of your personal skillsets within our department are limitless. This includes inhouse channels such as CRM/Product but can be also achieved with the collaboration of our network of external business partners who assist us promoting Tipico Games all over Germany.

What exciting projects are you working on now?

Look at your phone home screen, this is where you can find the excitement of iGaming, everywhere, anywhere. Our target is to establish Tipico Games as the top brand for iGaming in Germany. To do so, we have access to all existing marketing channels and will make use of those. No matter, if TV, YouTube, social media or an Email campaign we make use of it, in the best possible way.

What are you looking for in your next team member?

We are looking for someone who can think outside of the box and who asks always that one more question. Our Team members should be collaborative, love a team-focused culture, and be hungry for opportunities to learn and grow.

What challenges do you face?

We are working in a fast and always changing environment and highly competitive environment, so we need to adapt very quickly.

What is expected from you?

We are looking for team players, who don’t fall into the stereotype that as a Igaming worker, you’d be glued to the screen all day. Like any other job, it’s big on soft skills such as teamwork and collaboration, communication, organizational and research skills.

Why should they join us?

Like any industry that is still growing quickly, there are many opportunities to break into and make a career for yourself in gaming. If you want to go the extra mile and get yourself a good spot or a boost in your career.