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Tipico ‘Help Centre’ Revamp – #oneteam

Written by Tipico

We Maximise Spannung

At Tipico, the customer is at the centre of everything we do, therefore providing the best product and service is one of our prime targets. We are a fast-growing company with more and more customers registering daily, creating more activity and contacts for our Customer Service Team.

2 years ago, we introduced a new Help Centre which allows our customers to find answers and solutions to their problems without the need to contact us. Thanks to this, we have the possibility to publish articles, urgent updates on incidents and news about products and maintenances, to keep them updated. Customers that cannot find an answer still have the possibility to contact one of our experienced Customer Service Agents and get a personalized response via live-chat or e-mail.

The optimization of this new tool has been a very important topic for us as our customers energise us to keep on improving. From the time of release there have been a lot of changes, the latest resulting in a contact reduction of approx. 25% from our normal volumes. We believe in collaboration, we work within an agile environment with cross-functional team members, where we come together to create solutions that push us forward. Following one of our core values, “One Tipico”, we worked together as one team involving different departments and thanks to the various expertise in each area it allowed us to develop a very successful new version of the Help Centre. We are as strong as our team is- they keep us running to stay on top of the game!