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Rethink Project – An Optimised Journey

Written by Tipico

We Maximise Spannung

Our Protech team’s passion is the perfect product. They are determined and focused on improving our customers’ betting experience through their skills. They drive our global betting platform, using our newest tech stack to push to the limits of what’s possible - and then go beyond.

One of the projects the team worked extensively on was the changeover from Rebrush to Rethink where multiple teams got together such as Frontend, Backend, Designers and Product Managers. #oneteam.

What we achieved:


  • New frontend technology framework and microservice architecture across all of our digital channels and products. This was done to increase the efficiency and decrease the latency, which was achieved with the new Front End technology.
  • A newly enhanced user experience embracing personalization through the power of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Experience extended to our Native applications on the iOS store and this year we are now also on Google Play! Another big milestone for Tipico.
  • New frontend technology stack is now allowing our SEO to flourish, allowing us to reach more users like never before, especially during the recent Euro Cup 2020 and Copa America competitions.
  • A challenging milestone that required the collaboration of multiple teams & departments, spread across 3 different locations, whilst working remotely, ultimately embracing our ‘One Tipico’ culture.
  • We are the market leader in Germany with over 50% market share . These new exciting features and technical enhancements help us to continue bolstering our dominance in the German market and beyond!


Passion drives progress at Tipico. We challenge, reinvent, and push ourselves to define new levels of excellence. We build our knowledge of our industry, products, and technology to get stronger every day!

At Tipico, We Maximise Spannung in the world of sports betting - this means every couple of weeks our teams are hit with different exciting challenges and have the opportunity to actively create as we don’t have a fixed journey with our products, they have the autonomy to be part of and create the journey, making a lasting impact.