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A Day in the Life of a Live Trader

Written by Marijan

Live Trader at Tipico

A Live trader – in a nutshell is trading live events which include different kind of sports matches - 24/7 across 365 days a year. Our responsibility is to monitor our market and event offer during the day and manage risk across all matches.

Starting the day

A typical day starts with taking care of my schedule and reading through my emails and instructions delegated by my supervisor. After that, I start my necessary preparations for the matches that I will cover, and with the 1st match kick off, I also kick off my tasks! I create the best possible odds with minimal errors as possible. And of course, if any problems arise (as they do...), the job is to react quickly to reduce the risk for the business.

We work as a team and meet up as One

We Maximize Spannung by doing our best every day with dedication and ensure nothing skips our eye. This not only includes the matches that I offer, but also the matches my team mates' offer. We all help each other in this way and work as a team. To achieve our coverage targets, we work as one and support each other - in a way that, if someone has a technical issue or is on sick leave, we take over each other’s’ tasks.

As a team, we are sports enthusiasts! Quite a few of us are, ex or current football, basketball and handball players, or traders who used to compete in boxing, rowing etc). As a department, we are casual and one big family #OneTipico. You’ll definitely get this feeling when watching a game together and one our colleagues’ team is losing – let’s just say that usually they wish they did not come into the office that day 😉

At the end of the day we are all here to train new traders and support each other to achieve our common goals.  We are always ready to help others and you can feel this all day throughout the entire office. With more than 60 of us in the team, we don’t have many meetings but when we do, we always start off the first couple of minutes joking around and then we get to the business talk where we share our opinions and experience on the topics we are discussing. 

We work as team in a way that all roles and assignments are clear, and everyone knows what they need to do to be successful in their role. We face obstacles together as we value everyone's input and work together to find the best solution. We are also given the opportunity to trade all sports or try different roles in the team so that we can expand our knowledge and for us to be ready for any unplanned situations.

What am I working on?

Our daily work is operational and is our main focus, however we also work on team tasks where we compare and analyze our place in the industry. By doing this, we are improving our analytical and excel skills both on a professional and personal level. My aim is to also make our offer better and more attractive in the long run to improve our own product and make sure our customers get the best possible experience from us.

And sometimes there are challenges…

In my everyday work, a challenge I face with is becoming more comfortable with new tasks. As a team we face similar challenges like everybody else, such as internet or software problems. During these situations, from the outside perspective it may seem like chaos, but for us it is how we swim best! Our supervisors pass on instructions at the right time which we readily action - resilience is key here. These are a few situations that come to mind that make our team proud as we make extraordinary circumstances seem like an everyday job.

This is what my day is like as a Live Trader at Tipico…

and if you love what we do, then join us!