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Triff das Team


Meet Ramon- Customer Service Agent in our Malta office location. He tells us about his experience working with us during the World Cup!


What’s your Tipico story?

Hi I’m Ramon, I started at Tipico in March 2022 in the Customer Service department.




We provide a direct contact-line to our customers. This means I spend most of my days working on chats and with emails, solving a variety of our customers’ different problems. The majority of these contacts include explanations of bets, difficulties with payment procedures and enquires concerning marketing offers and promotions.

Time permitting, I also support other departments by doing hybrid work like our Verification and Responsible Gaming team.


Tell us about working with us during the World Cup...

We are experiencing an increased number of contacts, many of those are returning customers trying to regain access to their old accounts or asking for revocations in time for the world cup. We also prepare ourselves by reading up on our procedures and gaining greater familiarity with all our different betting types. We have also had a couple of refresher trainings. The many changes in regulations, for example LUGAS, in addition to the upcoming World Cup are keeping us very busy in keeping up to date!


What do you enjoy most and what are the challenges during this period?

I am excited for the world cup, since it provides a great opportunity to deepen and widen my knowledge in the field of sports betting. I am looking forward to a challenging but equally rewarding period.


Anything else you would like to add?

This is my first big event at Tipico, so I am not quite sure what to expect. Maybe I will have more to say after the experience 😊