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Triff das Team

Meet Sarah- Head of Group Compliance Analytics

What's your Tipico story?

7 years ago, I joined Tipico to build up a compliance management framework and team adapted to the needs arising of a soon to be regulated environment. Although we anticipated the regulation to be implemented sooner than it did, the truth is that the journey has been a real adventure and full of surprises, making it very exciting.

What was your first impression of Tipico?

I previously worked for a company that started out like Tipico and eventually became a massive public holding so it felt like going back to the roots.

What have been your best moments working here?

Undoubtedly, obtaining our first German sports betting license was an incredibly significant achievement, representing so much more than just a business accomplishment, there was so much behind it! Looking back at where we were when I joined and where we are now, this is definitely a great achievement!

 What challenges do you face?

The regulatory process is what continues to pose significant challenges, but at a different stage now. Initially, working within an organization that had yet to implement regulations was quite challenging .In order to reach our current position, we had to make numerous changes, not just from a technical standpoint but also in terms of mindset. Now, we must adapt to the reality that we are constantly under observation.

What is special about Tipico?

That we’re kept up to date! All employees receive frequent and comprehensive updates about the company's operations. We also have the opportunity to ask live, open-ended questions and bring up any concerns that we have to the C-level executives.

What does your daily pitch look like?

Every day at Tipico has been unique, and no two days are the same. Due to the regulation and fast pace of our industry, we often receive unexpected news from the authorities right before the weekend, this is where we roll up our sleeves and work together to tackle the situation head-on.

What are you looking forward to?

My current focus involves strengthening the compliance management system by implementing a compliance monitoring framework that relies on data analytics. Having a clear understanding of our compliance level is crucial to being successful in a regulated market.

As you know we love sports… which is your favourite?

In my free time, I enjoy watching Formula 1 and good football matches, I also practice physical fitness and engage in activities such as Pilates, bodyweight exercises, swimming, running, and trekking.

What is your one piece of advice for anyone interested in being part of our game?

Think outside of the box and do not settle for second best… be passionate of what you do!