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Triff das Team

Meet Elnar - Software Developer


I am a Software Developer in our Retail tribe since the beginning of last year. My team is responsible for payments and we optimize, improve and create new features for our current applications.


What does your daily pitch as a Software Developer look like?

My day starts with a quick meeting where each team member explains what he did the day before and what he will do that day. During the day we work on different tasks like developing, analysing, testing, maintaining our applications, code review, etc. If the task is challenging, we practice pair programming. Here, we can have cleaner code and help each other, sharing our knowledge to solve the problem.


Why did you decide to join our #oneteam?

I liked Tipico because it is a young company that uses cutting edge technologies, where we work with a great tech stack. Another reason is that, the people who work here are very friendly and this showed from the start, making me feel welcome. It is also, very interesting to work in a company which is global, where we come from all over the world.


What was the best moment of your recruitment experience?

Tipico organises a team meeting during the hiring process which I think is very important as this gives you the opportunity to meet the people you will be potentially working with. Here you can tell, how well we would work together, collaboration is a big part of working at Tipico and you can see this already from the recruitment process.

It is vital to mention the work done by the Human Resources department, from the very first call, they explain the whole overview of the company, providing in detail the recruitment process and what to expect, supporting you with each step. I think this is important especially for those who apply from outside the EU, like me.

What do you like most about working here?

The most important thing for me is that everyone knows exactly which tasks are their responsibility. We plan our sprint, we decide what we can do and what we will do in the next 2 weeks. This helps us to work without stress, with a manageable workload and provide high quality code. In general, what I noticed is that the people who work here are very friendly and are open to helping others, we help each other to solve problems together.

What was surprising, once you started working here?

I was surprised that, it is more diverse than I thought, there are quite a few people from different countries all over, working together as a team.


As you know, we believe in progress. How would you describe yours since you’ve been working here?

I would look at my development as mostly; that I have learned a lot from my team. Whilst, also having the opportunity to share my own knowledge with my team members. This is how we progress, which is one of our company values.



It is a challenge, but you will like it. You will work in friendly atmosphere, where you can have a chance to use cutting edge technologies. The company is open to new technologies so you can bring them to the team and share your own knowledge.