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Meet Agnieszka – Product Manager

Von Agnieszka

Product Manager

What’s your Tipico story?

I’m working as a Product Manager in our Bookmaking tribe, part of the Backend and with my two teams I’m responsible for providers’ and sports’ integrations. I started in February 2019 with no knowledge of sports betting and all processes that are behind it. After more than 1 and a half years on board I have gathered the foundation, I am still learning every single day about the industry and being challenged in my product development area with the new features coming in.

What was your first impression of Tipico?

That the workplace is full of passionate people and that the company is actually bringing the “agile” mindset to life, not only in its daily work but also in the recruitment process.

Mention your best moments working here.

I have had a good mix of both personal and work-related moments! Work-related ones like… Every project that goes live on Production and seeing it’s influence on Tipico’s figures. Getting rid of arising production issues together and achieving progress across the Tribe and Organisation. Personally, I enjoyed the onboarding process and getting to know the business from different perspectives, our Bubbly Fridays at the Munich office, my onsite visits to Poland to get to know my developers better and last year’s Summer Party – it was fun getting to know colleagues in person after only talking to them on Slack. During these times, I also have to mention the quick reaction of the company and adjusting to “corona times’’.

What challenges do you face?

It’s my first Backend Product manager position so understanding this area is a challenge, but I’ve improved my knowledge a lot. I’m happy to work with people, who are ready to help and explain (sometimes, yet again) the very same problem. I started with no knowledge of sports’ betting or what trading actually means, now I have gathered a good knowledge base, however I’m still learning every single day. That’s challenging. That’s fun. As far as product development is concerned, I may say that Tipico lives the true agile spirit (e.g. decisions are made on figures). And I’m being challenged with every new feature coming in.

What is special about Tipico?

The Passionate people, listening to different viewpoints which are different to your own and driving the growth with these product decisions; You can really see this diversity and open-mindedness as the environment is very multi-national and intercultural.

What’s your daily pitch like?

Sorry, but there is no typical day here, except for Dailies with the teams otherwise every day is different and exciting. There are calmer weeks with our standard agile process such as refinements, retros and planning and then busier ones due to the dynamic environment which we work in, where priorities change such as regulation changes and we need to adapt our offer, or coronavirus affecting sports events and changes need to be made to our sports’ integrations.

What do you look forward to when you walk into our offices?

I hope for “corona times” to be over soon in order to meet everybody in person at the office (yes, we use Slack and Lifesize to keep in touch, but personal meetings are great).

As you know we love sports... which is your favourite?

Nothing that Tipico offers  it’s hiking! Lovely thing to do in the Munich area, when struggling to make it up, I think of the view from the top – it’s gorgeous every single time.

What is your one piece of advice for anyone interested in being part of our game?

Be passionate about what you do and be open to teamwork, as only together we can progress and bring Tipico to the next level.

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