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A Day in the Life of a Frontend Developer at Tipico

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We Maximise Spannung

This is what my day is like as a Frontend Developer at Tipico and if you love what we do, then join us!

Starting the Day

A typical day would start with me reading emails, and catching up on our Slack discussions, answering, and asking questions depending on the sprint situation.  After that, I have the daily meeting with my team, here I talk about what I did yesterday, and what I'm planning for that day. Usually if we notice that a teammate has a blocker, we organise a separate meeting to discuss technicalities and brainstorm to find solutions.

After our meetings…

I start working on my tasks such as implementing new features, refactoring the code base, fixing bugs, and writing unit tests.

Usually at around noon I do code review for my team PRs and after finishing that I go back to my coding tasks for the rest of the day.

We work as a team and meet up as One

As I mentioned before, we have our daily meeting but apart from that we start the sprint, with a sprint planning session where we estimate the tasks and promote tasks we are going to work on.

We also have our grooming session, where the purpose of this meeting is to understand our upcoming tasks and discuss different technical possibilities.

And at the end of the sprint, we have our retrospective session where we highlight what went well during the sprint, and what did not work so well and how we can improve the process. We are always seeking new levels of excellence and are open to trying new ways of doing things as we believe in progress, it is even one of our company values.

As a team, we work very well together and provide help and support, we share knowledge and encourage sharing different ideas as this is how we reach the best solution together. We try our best to help each other improve by giving honest feedback, we have a very open feedback culture. This is what we look for in our next team members, someone who is a team player, who wants to share new ideas to make the development process better and can openly take on honest feedback.

Our team feeling is strong even outside of the office, where we reinforce connections and have fun together. We know how to work together and have a good time, bonding as a team is part of our culture.

What am I working on?

At the moment, when it comes to projects, I'm working on our Tipico account withdrawals in order to give the user the ability to schedule automatic withdrawals.

Tech Stack

It’s probably worth taking a minute to describe some of the tools we use:

  • React with Typescript and Sass for styling,
  • Redux for state management (we are in the process of migrating to Redux-toolkit)
  • Jest as test runner and enzyme for unit testing (however, we are in the process of migrating to react testing library).

 Doing what I do at Tipico

…is different because it is not your usual development job, there are always challenges you need to overcome which require creative ways to solve them, there is a hunger to improve and stay up to date with the newest technical trends, giving you the opportunity to always work on something new.

When I first joined, one of the things I found challenging was to understand the way the business works and the development process due to the complexity of our projects and our large team of developers.

At Tipico, ‘We Maximise Spannung’ in the world of sportsbetting! As a Frontend Developer, I do that not only by working on my tasks and doing the best that I can, but also by providing support to the rest of the team and suggesting news idea to make the workflow smoother. In a nutshell, trying to make my teammates’ work experience pleasant and easier, as much as I can. With the work that we do, we can make an impact on a product that touch millions of people and you can see the results. I focus on trying to code the best quality features that will keep us ahead of the competition and provide a great user experience for our customers.

If you want to be part of it, you can apply to work with us or get in touch with our recruitment team on