What to expect at your interview

Phone interviews
Provided that the option chosen is a phone interview, during such interviews, you’ll speak with a potential peer or manager.

Onsite interviews

Upon arriving, you’ll be greeted at the reception.

Tipico’s recruiting team will guide you to one of our meeting rooms.

Interview proceeds – You’ll usually meet four Tipico employees, potential teammates or cross-functional, for about 30 to 45 minutes each. Usually, the interviewers are Talent Acquisition / Business Partners, Hiring Manager/ Team Leads.

In general, each candidate has the chance to highlight strengths in various areas:

  • Questions are asked to learn how you approach and solve problems. Your ability to explain processes and how to use the information is what’s most important.
  • How have you used your communication and decision-making skills to organise others in a team? Shine by showing how you contributed to help a team succeed.
  • Our team will analyse how your strengths could drive impact within the company and how you can potentially grow into different roles.

Feel at ease to re-ask the questions being asked during the interview if not understood well and take the time you need to answer them. On the other hand, feel free to interview our team as well! Ask queries about work, the team, mindsets, culture or any other question that could help you decide whether we are the right future team.