Elisabeth Mertens

HR Intern

I started my internship with Tipico about two months ago. It all began with a speculative application. I never thought that speculative applications would be very successful but it did not take very long until I got a response from the Tipico HR team. After taking part in two interviews I was lucky and got the offer for an HR internship. On my first day, I found my desk with a laptop, phone and all the passwords for the different systems ready to start working with. Even though I am an intern I feel more and more as a part of the team.

I get my own tasks and responsibilities and learn new things nearly every day. However, it did not stop with the tasks I was given on my first day. My colleagues – who are constantly explaining and never get tired of helping – always check how I get along with work and either involve me in new processes and meetings or help out wherever it is needed. The independent work is what I value most because I can arrange my daily routine. All in all, I really enjoy working at Tipico and not only because we have one of the most gorgeous views from the office.