Elisabeth Mertens

HR Intern

I started my internship with Tipico about two months ago. It all began with a speculative application. I never thought that speculative applications would be very successful but it did not take very long until I got a response from the Tipico HR team. After taking part in two interviews I was lucky and got the offer for an HR internship. On my first day, I found my desk with a laptop, phone and all the passwords for the different systems ready to start working with. Even though I am an intern I feel more and more as a part of the team.

I get my own tasks and responsibilities and learn new things nearly every day. However, it did not stop with the tasks I was given on my first day. My colleagues – who are constantly explaining and never get tired of helping – always check how I get along with work and either involve me in new processes and meetings or help out wherever it is needed. The independent work is what I value most because I can arrange my daily routine. All in all, I really enjoy working at Tipico and not only because we have one of the most gorgeous views from the office.

Tamara Caligari

Graduate Development Program Successful Story

During my studies as an ICT student, I was faced with a common dilemma of which career path to choose. The ICT sector is massive and finding the right place or the right job is tough unless you have a clear focus from the start. I was one of those students who had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but no concrete starting point. It is at that point that I happened to come across the Tipico Graduate Program.

The program was designed to give graduates the opportunity of working in Tipico’s various departments. Graduates could spend several months in each department in order to get a holistic view of the career opportunities available. My first thoughts were ‘this is perfect for me!’ so I decided to apply for the program.

After a couple of interviews and sessions with some employees, I officially started the program in July 2014. My first experience was with the Casino department. I spent 3 months with the team there before moving to the then Product Management Department for 6 months with the sports betting team (now Digital Tribe). Following that, I moved to the Business Analysis Department (now CTP Tribe) for 6 months and I completed my program in the Product Management Department with the Customer and Casino team (now Digital Tribe).

I was given the opportunity to shadow great team mates and learn from them and work with other colleagues from various departments. The movement in the various departments allowed me to expand my network of colleagues and despite being a graduate trainee, I was always treated as part of the team which was a great benefit for my growth in the company. Thanks to the program I gained a holistic view of Tipico’s operations, from gaming to product implementation and delivery, and I discovered the career path which was most suitable for me.

Towards the end of the program I was offered a permanent role within the Product Management team where I have now been for 1 year, continuously developing my skills whilst feeling confident that I have started off in the direction which is right for my personal career choice.

I highly recommend this program to all those students who, like me, want to kick start their career with a clearer vision of the opportunities that lie ahead in this industry.