Talent Areas

Tipico’s performance is a reflection of the passion and hard work of the team around the world.

Our team has grown to include the following locations; Malta, Germany, Austria, Gibraltar, Croatia and Colombia.

Learn more about our dynamic and innovative team, which is divided into the following areas:

Customer Retention

The Customer Retention department is responsible for the full customer lifecycle after registration. This includes conversion, retention, reactivation and VIP Management. The department itself is split into three teams – one focusing on CRM, one on VIP and one on Customer and Market Research. The aim of the whole department is to increase the customer lifetime value while decreasing churn and increasing customer activity.

Customer Acquisition

The acquisition marketing department is accountable for the quantity and quality of new registered customers globally.


The Human Resources (HR) Department provides Tipico’s Management and employees with comprehensive human resources services. Our team adopts the HR Business Partner model and proactively supports management in all HR needs. In addition to this, we also provide routine administration of HR processes such as recruitment, training, employee data, policies and payroll. The whole team is committed in providing high quality service to all employees and to treating everyone with respect and good care throughout their whole employment at Tipico.


The Program Management Office (PMO) was created to support the company in its next growth phase. The PMO co-ordinates and supports a number of value creation initiatives and moderates the dialogue between management teams and shareholders. The PMO gives abroad exposure across all elements of Tipico’s business with possibility to deep dive into supporting selected projects.


The Tipico Finance team plans, organises, leads and monitors the financial and accounting affairs of Tipico group in Malta. The main areas covered by the finance department include the management of the retail franchisee financial operations, bookkeeping and accounting, provision of financial information, budgetary control and cash.


The team will implement and maintain a company-wide data warehouse environment to provide data intelligence to facilitate the company to become more data driven. The team will build up a data warehouse environment to facilitate automation, reporting and carry out data analysis. The team reports into the Business Intelligence Manager and our internal customers will be any department requesting data such as Marketing, Finance, Sportsbook, Payments, Legal etc.


Our ProTech teams consist of open-minded, multicultural, passionate individuals pioneering software build for various platforms. Our teams are cross-functional, self-organised and geared towards success with a “willing to learn” attitude. Furthermore, we stick to our dynamic culture which fosters creative thinking, end-to-end responsibility, innovative visions and fun.


Legal issues are of high importance and a central component to Tipico’s operations. The Legal Department is responsible for supporting the business operations with regard to contract management and negotiations, overseeing corporate governance, and ensuring that data protection standards are met. The Legal Department also oversees and directs litigation affecting Tipico, as well as legal matters that may involve Tipico’s trademarks. Finally, the Legal Department supports Tipico’s retail business through the management of franchise partners and the monitoring of any legal developments in local laws.

Tipico prides itself on the smooth and seamless interplay of its Legal Department and business operations with the aim of fostering a work environment where legal and business aims meet in a joint collaboration. Tipico’s legal team seeks active legal minds that are willing to immerse themselves as an integral part of the Tipico operations.


Gambling is a dynamic and rapidly changing sector. The flow of new rules and regulations across regional, national and international borders continues to intensify. A major challenge for gaming companies like Tipico is how to comply with these constantly evolving regulations, which are often enough subject to enforcement actions and fines, not to mention reputational risk. Tipico’s (regulatory) compliance department is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. But: Regulatory compliance is not just about playing defence. Tipico understands it as an opportunity to strengthen the organisation through strategic, proactive measures with a focus on adding value through assuring compliance.

The compliance department’s key functions are the identification of risks, the implementation of controls to protect the Tipico Group from those risks (prevention), monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness on those controls (monitoring and detection), resolution of compliance difficulties (resolution) and advising the business on rules and controls (advisory).

Customer Ops

Tipico Customer Operations is currently operating from two countries, Malta and Colombia, with Malta being the hub. It offers support in 7 languages: German, Italian, French, Flemish, Danish, Turkish and English. Our dedicated team offers customer support via live chat, social media and e-mail, between 8am and 9pm Central European Time. The operation is supported by an Online Security team, Telesales & VIP team, and a Customer Experience team who are overall supported by a strong Management team with strong industry experience.


The IT Department is located at the Tipico Head Office in Malta and comprises the Help Desk team and System Administration team. The department is led by the Head of IT who reports to the Chief Technology Officer.


The Bookmaking Department is in charge of Tipico’s core service – the sports betting offer.