Making Growth A Habit – The Tipico train to success

From Small beginnings

Three excited, ambitious graduates with a vision for challenge and change. That’s not a very uncommon start to a story, but like every compelling narrative, it keeps getting better as one digs in a littledeeper.

This ‘army of three’ is now a far larger unit: over 6000 people from more than 33 nations, working at 6 state-of-the-art facilities across the world, transforming the betting industry as we know it.

Our team has witnessed a steady growth trajectory, expanding capabilities and making inroads into new territories: entertainment, sports-betting, technology and product-innovation, consistently bringing people together.

Karlsruhe, Germany was Tipico’s first home. Since then, we’ve explored new areas for business (Austria, Croatia, Gibraltar, Colombia, and Malta), not to mention a reinforced presence in Germany.

So, who are the silent operators, the brains behind the all this spectacular movement, the ones who run the gears and spin the wheels?

This is where, it all gets a little more interesting.

The Tipico family

The people over at Bookmaking are the ‘drivers’ for operations, our core service – sports betting. The suite covers a wide range of live betting scenarios spanning over 30 sports.

The Tipico mobile app and our online portal together form the cornerstone of the product, ensuring users can place bets when the time is exactly right. Our Product Tech experts are what we call ‘experience-makers’, ensuring an intuitive, engaging and dynamic approach that’s device and platform-agnostic.

The team employs some of the best talent in the digital space, maintaining a vibrant and creatively-strong competitive edge.

As a result of our commitment to a multicultural, inclusive growth plan, Tipico is a melting pot of ideas – all of which find voice in our bottom-up strategy. Our employees are invited to pitch their perspectives, cutting across hierarchies, offering their vision a voice. Implemented in the ‘here and now’ or reserved for that rainy day, these are never ignored.

A great product is incomplete without dependable support, and this is particularly essential for entertainment services. The Customer Operations division at Tipico has professionals well-versed in various languages, with primary focus to German.

In such a diverse and multi-layered environment, a new customer or a new employee can carve his own, unique niche.

Our Malta office houses most of our support experts, while the Colombia location helps mitigate high volumes, with ease. Customer ops are aided by a range of verticals including online security, telesales, and CS specialists.

A steadfast and experienced set of mid-level managers both guide the ship and offer a helping hand whenever needed.

Our extended relationships

Our franchise partners are integral pillars of Tipico’s business vision – responsible for hundreds of betting centers in Germany and Austria. These are beyond shops or sales kiosks – sports enthusiasts gather for insightful conversations, assistance from our trained partners and to enjoy live broadcasts.

We’re constantly growing the Tipico family as more and more sports fans, with an entrepreneurial edge, join in.

So, what’s next for the betting technology giant, as we explore new horizons and unchartered territories?

In the last two years, Tipico has fostered partnerships with several leaders across the globe – enabling innovation and enriched experiences. Meanwhile, our leadership team has also expanded as seasoned industry veterans take up critical roles.

And a lasting engagement with the German Football League rings in the new year.

An eye on tomorrow, founded in tradition and making every moment of the present, meaningful – Tipico is proud to be the number one sportsbetting company in the German market.