Location, location & location – behind the doors of Tipico’s global hubs

A dream job is incomplete without magnificent locations, and at Tipico, each office is designed to answer a single question: what inspires great ideas and the best in customer journeys?

Our strong workforce spans six cities across the world – and each location perfectly embodies the Tipico promise of impactful experiences, inside the office and out.

– the region’s sparkling seas and great conditions have made us particularly satisfied with our selection! English is among the official languages at the island cluster and so our employees from around the globe have little trouble fitting in. Today, Malta is recognized for its sustained rates of economic development and we’re proud to be able to add to this momentum. From student plans to encouraging non-resident skilled labor, the region is a perfect fit for our company philosophy.

While we moved base to Malta, Tipico remains rooted in Germany where our offices in Hamburg and Munich, in addition to our hometown Karlsruhe, are always at the center of all the activity. We have a symbiotic relationship with the city’s professional community –  working with some of the most talented people in technology and innovation, while creating a workforce ready to mentor the next generation.

Our internship programs and graduate development programs are designed to kickstart tomorrow’s ideas, today. These plans cover our entire global presence, and Munich is no different. The city is at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, combining both with consummate ease. Groundbreaking moves meet a classic, laid-back setting, encouraging young professionals to make a difference to the world around them.

Finally, as our very first command center, Karlsruhe embodies the vibrant spirit and professional ethos at Tipico. The Karlsruhe Institute for Technology is known for its work in several fields, making the city one of Germany’s biggest research hubs. This happily coexists with events like  Das Fest – a reflection of work-life balance like none other.

We live and work in a global village. Our local address is where we party, our workplace is where we seek meaning every day. Tipico offices are perfectly in-sync with regional cultures, imbibing the best of what the city has to offer from cuisines to incredible views.

Tipico is focused on fostering happy, healthy professionals eager to take on the next big thing. That’s why, we believe in growth beyond locational borders.

And finally, the big question: Is it an uphill climb to scale a company from single digits to over 6,000 in less than two decades?

Our company is set up in a way that we are built around Trust, Progress and Passion – we are always challenging our team members to think about new ways to do things, how we can reinvent certain processes, or even eliminate them.

The transparency that we espouse is built into the Tipico campus at a granular level. With all-glass walls, not only are desks set against breathtaking views, it also reaffirms a climate of inquiry, openness, and collaboration.

A cup of Colombian coffee to kick the Monday blues, a moment by the sweeping cityscape to help think outside-the-box, and reward programs that take experiences beyond only target-chasing– it’s just another day at Tipico.