Feeling valuable at Tipico – Krissy

I joined the Tipico Family in Karlsruhe as an Executive Assistant 2 years ago in a surprisingly fast recruitment process, where I was called back as I drove away from my second interview to “come back and sign the contract we have ready for you”.

Today, my main focus is to keep the Management Team on their toes and (theoretically) trying to make their day easier by organizing their travel and meetings. Besides, I get to be an active contributor to this amazing culture we have developed for ourselves. Just this last quarter, me and my team (go Angels!) organized and coordinated setting up our ‘We Are Tipico’ Photo Wall – a project where our colleagues allowed us to take photos of them representing their hobbies and personal interests, and then post them up in the office for all of us to see. The trust shown in us is just one more example of the great culture we have here!

My Tipico family makes me feel like a valued part of the team as all my colleagues are interested in my ideas and feedback. They let me work independently, knowing that I stand behind them and the company’s core values. The office environment makes me want to perform even better – and makes me walk through the offices with a smile. Never before have I worked for a company that felt as much like family. #IamTipico