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Why a bird’s eye view of the workplace is a greater starter for the young professional: 6 tips for making internships meaningful

What really makes education matter so much? Most would opine that the overarching impact of education is to offer an individual the chance to find his/her true calling, determine one’s purpose in life, and channel the same into a fruitful and lasting professional career. While classrooms and lecture sessions can make a difference – and […]

Is the future of work, all about technology? Here’s why everybody is talking about AI, automation & Big Data

The ‘new normal’ In a global job market, that’s competitive and frenetically altering shape, approach, and form, everyone wants to be a ‘company-of-choice’. To this end, HR teams and recruiters are working hard to create new plans and strategies which help make employees feel more in-sync with an organization’s goals, attracting the best talent, and […]

Connect and Collaborate: 6 reasons why millennials are more likely to switch jobs and how HR teams can contain attrition

The modern workspace is abuzz with a new catch-phrase – “This is the era of the millennial employee’. In fact, this is a rising global trend, even as a dynamic, vibrant, and young workforce takes the reins of jobs and roles, cutting across sectors and industry verticals. Born between 1980 and 1996, the millennial worker […]

Feeling valuable at Tipico – Krissy

I joined the Tipico Family in Karlsruhe as an Executive Assistant 2 years ago in a surprisingly fast recruitment process, where I was called back as I drove away from my second interview to “come back and sign the contract we have ready for you”. Today, my main focus is to keep the Management Team […]

Making Growth A Habit – The Tipico train to success

From Small beginnings Three excited, ambitious graduates with a vision for challenge and change. That’s not a very uncommon start to a story, but like every compelling narrative, it keeps getting better as one digs in a littledeeper. This ‘army of three’ is now a far larger unit: over 6000 people from more than 33 […]